Services Offered By Dentists

Services Offered By Dentists

A dentist is a person who is a medical doctor licensed to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases and disorders of the oral cavity, jaw and facial area.

Restoration of Teeth

dentist removing toothIt is also called dental filling. It is the treatment to put back the integrity, structure and morphology of missing tooth resulting from tooth decay that was removed to preventing spreading to the gum or by replacing the tooth with implants.

The tooth is prepared at first then restored. The process is by cutting off the decayed part with professional equipment and removed completely and then it is filled with the materials used. Then you have a brand new tooth.

Tooth Extraction

This is the removal of teeth because of a couple of reasons. Although our teeth are to last forever, sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth. One of the reasons why we remove teeth is either it has been badly damaged until it cannot be repaired hence it should be removed.

The damaged could be decay or trauma that is rotting in the mouth nearing the gums. The other reason why teeth are extracted is in case the mouth is crowded. Some people have that rare condition in which teeth grow on top of each other and hence it is important some to be removed to keep the teeth in the right structure and align them in a straight manner. These processes are done by dentists and are widely available.

Scaling and Root Planning

This is a procedure involved in removing of dental plaque and smoothing of the exposed surfaces and removing the bacteria that is impregnated in the root system.

Such procedures are complex and should only be performed by qualified dentists as it is not an easy process and requires he person to be careful. Most dentists can to this procedure and hence it’s available in the hospital or clinics owned by dentists for specific dentistry purposes.

Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

dentist officerIt is the treatment of the infected pulp of the tooth in results of the elimination of infection and protection of the decontaminated pert of the tooth for future reference and filling. First before the therapy begins, a diagnostic is conducted.

The infected pulp is checked and specifications are taken and then the process begins. An opening on the crown is made and the pulp tissue is removed. Then filling is done.

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